$295 ACHICOO Twin Size Platform Bed with Adjustable Trundle, Espresso Home Kitchen Furniture ACHICOO Twin Size Max 65% OFF Platform Bed with Trundle Adjustable Espresso ACHICOO,Platform,/Addy691846.html,Adjustable,Bed,Twin,Espresso,Home Kitchen , Furniture,with,Size,$295,Trundle,,avon-bonus.ru $295 ACHICOO Twin Size Platform Bed with Adjustable Trundle, Espresso Home Kitchen Furniture ACHICOO,Platform,/Addy691846.html,Adjustable,Bed,Twin,Espresso,Home Kitchen , Furniture,with,Size,$295,Trundle,,avon-bonus.ru ACHICOO Twin Size Max 65% OFF Platform Bed with Trundle Adjustable Espresso

ACHICOO Twin Size Ranking TOP13 Max 65% OFF Platform Bed with Trundle Adjustable Espresso

ACHICOO Twin Size Platform Bed with Adjustable Trundle, Espresso


ACHICOO Twin Size Platform Bed with Adjustable Trundle, Espresso

Product description

This platform bed comes with a trundle that can be adjusted as high as the bed. Featuring bracket under it, the trundle is easy to stand up as a bed and when not in use, it’s easy to take the bracket back and store the trundle under the bed. Crafted of solid pine wood and high-quality MDF, the bed is built to last and 10 slats are available for both bed and trundle, so stability and weight capacity is guaranteed, you can rest on it with peace in mind.
①Made of pine wood and high- quality MDF, the bed provides great support.
②Featuring the adjustable trundle, this bed provides multiple function.
③Coming with headboard that is of great stability, you can lean on it when you seat on bed.
④Assembly required
Pine wood+MDF
Numbers of slat
Platform bed
Adjustable trundle
Numbers of package
2Spring box
No need Assembly required

ACHICOO Twin Size Platform Bed with Adjustable Trundle, Espresso

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