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Hobo Bags Dallas 2021new shipping free shipping Mall for Women VASCHY Fashion Leather Lad Handbag Faux

Hobo Bags for Women, VASCHY Fashion Faux Leather Handbag for Lad


Hobo Bags for Women, VASCHY Fashion Faux Leather Handbag for Lad

Product Description

hobo bag for women


This Vaschy well made shoulder bag with lots of pockets is sturdy as well as comfortable with soft PU leather material and durable golden polished hardware. It features both fashion and functionality in women’s daily use. You could carry it in 4 ways with the removable shoulder strap, such as handbag, shoulder bag, cross-body bag and satchel. It is comfy to wear and also looks stylish, an ideal go to purse for women on different occasions, such as office, school, dating,travel...

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Fashion Hobo Bag for Women Brown PU Leather Handbag for Women Black Convertible Handbag for Women Brown Hobo Bag Purse for women Brown Classic Tote Bag for Women Brown Laptop Tote Bag for Women Brown
Material PU leather PU leather Faux leather Faux Leather Faux Leather PU Leather
Size 13x5.1x11.4inch 13x5.1x11.4inch 15.4x6.7x12.6inch 15x12x5.5inch 14.6x5.1x9.8inch 17.3x12.6x5.5inch
Water Resistant

Hobo Bags for Women, VASCHY Fashion Faux Leather Handbag for Lad

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