$36 TAIJU Smart Watch for Android Phones and iOS Phones, Solar Mini Electronics Wearable Technology Mail order TAIJU Smart Watch for Android Mini Solar Phones iOS and Electronics , Wearable Technology,Phones,,Watch,/Gorkhali298349.html,iOS,and,for,$36,Phones,Android,Smart,TAIJU,avon-bonus.ru,Solar,Mini Mail order TAIJU Smart Watch for Android Mini Solar Phones iOS and Electronics , Wearable Technology,Phones,,Watch,/Gorkhali298349.html,iOS,and,for,$36,Phones,Android,Smart,TAIJU,avon-bonus.ru,Solar,Mini $36 TAIJU Smart Watch for Android Phones and iOS Phones, Solar Mini Electronics Wearable Technology

Spring new work one after another Mail order TAIJU Smart Watch for Android Mini Solar Phones iOS and

TAIJU Smart Watch for Android Phones and iOS Phones, Solar Mini


TAIJU Smart Watch for Android Phones and iOS Phones, Solar Mini

Product description

Smart Watch for Android Phones and iOS , Compatible iPhone Samsung, IP68 Swimming Waterproof Smartwatch Fitness Tracker Fitness Watch Heart Rate Monitor, Smart Watches for Men Women

Product Features:
-was envisioned as a RUGGED smartwatch that built to withstand and work in tough environments. Being water-proof, dust-proof, and shock-proof.
-adopts the tough sports style, the clear-cut edges make it durable and resistant to water and dust
-The 1.69"large display offers a remarkable immersion and better touch experience. The high resolution reveals a vivid image, it gives you a great visual experience when exploring outdoors.

Waterproof : 3ATM Waterproof
Display : 1.69 inch TFT screen, resolution 240*280
Battery : 350mAh polymer battery
Battery life : 14 days of daily use, 50 days of standby
Packing ( in the box) : Smartwatch x1, Charging cable x1, Manual x1, Warranty card x1, Protective Film x1

Light shooting and different monitors may cause the color of the objects in the picture to be slightly different from the actual object. The allowable measurement error is +/- 1-3cm.

TAIJU Smart Watch for Android Phones and iOS Phones, Solar Mini



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