avon-bonus.ru,Business,High,USB,1080P,/Grissel344739.html,Electronics , Camera Photo,Definition,Webcam,,Webcam,,Computer,$48,ZCZZ $48 ZCZZ 1080P Business Webcam, High Definition Webcam, USB Computer Electronics Camera Photo ZCZZ 1080P Business Webcam 2021 spring and summer new Definition USB Computer High $48 ZCZZ 1080P Business Webcam, High Definition Webcam, USB Computer Electronics Camera Photo avon-bonus.ru,Business,High,USB,1080P,/Grissel344739.html,Electronics , Camera Photo,Definition,Webcam,,Webcam,,Computer,$48,ZCZZ ZCZZ 1080P Business Webcam 2021 spring and summer new Definition USB Computer High

ZCZZ 1080P Business Webcam 2021 spring Ranking TOP2 and summer new Definition USB Computer High

ZCZZ 1080P Business Webcam, High Definition Webcam, USB Computer


ZCZZ 1080P Business Webcam, High Definition Webcam, USB Computer

Product description

Feature: 1. The image range is 50cm/19.7in to infinite, with better visual effects within 8m/26.2ft, and the color is automatically adjusted.
2. No additional drivers or software required, plug and play, great choice for video conferencing and online teaching.
3. Suitable for desktop computers, tablets, all?in?ones, smart TVs and etc, firmly clamp.
4. Built?in stereo microphone for clear and natural sound recordings, lens cover is convenient when it is not in use.
5. 1920 x 1080 can provide you with excellent video quality when live streaming or online conference.
Item Type: Computer Camera Material: ABS Color: Black Cable Length: Approx. 1.5m/4.9ft(Non-removable) Weight: Approx. 127.0g/4.5oz Focus Mode: Auto Focus
Dynamic Resolution: 1920x1080
Pixel: 200W Hardware Pixel
Image Display Frame Number: about 30 frames
Lens Angle: about 75°
Microphone: Built-in Digital Microphone
Pickup Distance: better pickup within 5m
Power Interface: USB Interface
Input Voltage: 5V
Video Compression Format: Default for MJPG, Support for YUY2
Image Range: 50cm to infinite, better visual effects within 8m
Color Adjustment: Automatic
Applicable Equipment: Desktop computers, tablets, all-in-one computers, smart TVs etc.
No need to drive, plug and play

Package List: 1 x Manual

ZCZZ 1080P Business Webcam, High Definition Webcam, USB Computer

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We also found that temporary moves increased by 27%, and people left large, densely populated cities like Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Chicago in unprecedented numbers. Read more about that study RBT853, Ring Tongue Terminal 14-16AWG Copper Blue 21.33mm Electr.

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