$492,Home,/Hemigale344668.html,avon-bonus.ru,Electronics , Video Projectors,Screen,Amplifier,Wall,Th,PFDTS,Smart,Panel,Audio,Touch,WiFi $492 PFDTS Touch Screen WiFi Audio Wall Panel Amplifier Smart Home Th Electronics Video Projectors PFDTS Touch wholesale Screen WiFi Audio Wall Smart Th Home Amplifier Panel $492 PFDTS Touch Screen WiFi Audio Wall Panel Amplifier Smart Home Th Electronics Video Projectors $492,Home,/Hemigale344668.html,avon-bonus.ru,Electronics , Video Projectors,Screen,Amplifier,Wall,Th,PFDTS,Smart,Panel,Audio,Touch,WiFi PFDTS Touch wholesale Screen WiFi Audio Wall Smart Th Home Amplifier Panel

PFDTS Touch wholesale Screen WiFi Audio Wall Smart Th Home Limited time trial price Amplifier Panel

PFDTS Touch Screen WiFi Audio Wall Panel Amplifier Smart Home Th


PFDTS Touch Screen WiFi Audio Wall Panel Amplifier Smart Home Th

Product description


The standard 86 is installed on the wall, easy to control with a wireless remote control.
Support triggering the doorbell function. Support remote trigger power on/off. Support program timer on/off function; and play the programmed song after power on.
Support audio input and output functions, and with a safe and fast connection Phoenix interface. Support TF card and OTG 2.0 USB interface, you can connect USB to hard disk.
With WIFI connection. Suitable for families, business districts, children's rooms, etc. Support APK installation, network movies, TV shows.
Supports pairing with external Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones to realize audio playback; two-way control of external Bluetooth device music.
Bluetooth playback, this wall amplifier panel can control the Bluetooth playback device to switch music.
Support RS 485 to control smart home, and support external devices to control this wall amplifier panel through RS 485.
Choose to play different music according to different scenes, and support scheduled restart and shutdown times. Support multiple parts of the music to be played regularly, select the appropriate music and volume.

Maximum Power Per Channel: 50W
Model Number: 225AD
Channels: 2 (2.0)
Output power: 2x25Watt
Speaker Impedance: 4 to 8ohm
System: Android 7.1
Expand TF card memory: 8GB, Scalable to 32G
Network connection: WIFI
CPU: Cortex 1.2G (Quad core)
Display: 4inch capacitive touch screen
Resolution: 480*480 IPS
Bluetooth wireless distance: 10Meter
USB: play
HD: 0.03% (1W.1KHZ)
Frequency response: 20 Hz-20 kHz (+/-2dB)
SNR: 98dB
Power Supply: 110-250V AC
Dimension: 86*86*11mm
Weight: 0.7kg

Package includes: 1*audio amplifier
It has auditory and visual enjoyment.

PFDTS Touch Screen WiFi Audio Wall Panel Amplifier Smart Home Th



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