Engineering Mechanics Statics Tutor Very popular! - 1 Volume $22 Engineering Mechanics Statics Tutor - Volume 1 Movies TV Genre for Featured Categories Engineering Mechanics Statics Tutor Very popular! - 1 Volume $22 Engineering Mechanics Statics Tutor - Volume 1 Movies TV Genre for Featured Categories /abidal298142.html,Mechanics,Volume,Engineering,Movies TV , Genre for Featured Categories,Statics,$22,,-,1,Tutor /abidal298142.html,Mechanics,Volume,Engineering,Movies TV , Genre for Featured Categories,Statics,$22,,-,1,Tutor

Engineering ! Super beauty product restock quality top! Mechanics Statics Tutor Very popular - 1 Volume

Engineering Mechanics Statics Tutor - Volume 1


Engineering Mechanics Statics Tutor - Volume 1

Editorial Reviews

Engineering Mechanics is one of the core courses that all engineering students must take. Broadly, mechanics is broken into topics: Statics and Dynamics.

In this course, we begin to focus on Engineering Statics, where we solve force systems in static equilibrium. First, we revew Newton's Laws, Units, and Trigonometry. Next, we learn how to add vectors together using triangles and trigonometry.

We then introduce the Cartesian representation of a vector, which is used to solve more complex problems in vector addition of forces. Finally, we review the tools needed to work with vectors in 3D space, and solve problems of several types.

This material is fundamental to Engineering Mechanics. The skills that the student builds while working with vectors will greatly make the follow-on material much easier to master.

The easiest way to learn this material is through step-by-step video lessons!

Disk 1
Sect 1: Review of Newton's Laws
Sect 2: Units in Mechanics
Sect 3: Review of Essential Trigonometry
Sect 4: Adding Vectors Graphically
Sect 5: Finding the Resultant of Two Forces, Part 1
Sect 6: Finding the Resultant of Two Forces, Part 2
Sect 7: Resolving a Force into Components, Part 1
Sect 8: Resolving a Force into Components, Part 2
Sect 9: Cartesian Vectors and Scalar Components
Sect 10: Adding Multiple Forces using Vector Components, Part 1

Disk 2
Sect 11: Adding Multiple Forces using Vector Components, Part 2
Sect 12: Adding Multiple Forces using Vector Components, Part 3
Sect 13: Adding Multiple Forces using Vector Components, Part 4
Sect 14: Cartesian Vectors in 3D, Part 1
Sect 15: Cartesian Vectors in 3D, Part 2
Sect 16: Cartesian Vectors in 3D, Part 3
Sect 17: Cartesian Vectors in 3D, Part 4
Sect 18: Cartesian Vectors in 3D, Part 5
Sect 19: Adding 3D Forces, Part 1
Sect 20: Adding 3D Forces, Part 2
Sect 21: Adding 3D Forces, Part 3

Engineering Mechanics Statics Tutor - Volume 1

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