$158 Poster Palooza Maroon 10x12 Picture Frame Mats with White Core f Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Poster Palooza Maroon 10x12 Picture Frame with White f Sales for sale Core Mats White,Frame,Mats,Palooza,$158,Maroon,/abidal675642.html,Picture,Core,with,avon-bonus.ru,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,10x12,f,Poster Poster Palooza Maroon 10x12 Picture Frame with White f Sales for sale Core Mats White,Frame,Mats,Palooza,$158,Maroon,/abidal675642.html,Picture,Core,with,avon-bonus.ru,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,10x12,f,Poster $158 Poster Palooza Maroon 10x12 Picture Frame Mats with White Core f Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Poster Palooza Maroon 10x12 Picture Frame Popular popular with White f Sales for sale Core Mats

Poster Palooza Maroon 10x12 Picture Frame Mats with White Core f


Poster Palooza Maroon 10x12 Picture Frame Mats with White Core f

Product description

Our 4-ply matboards are Acid-Free and feature a White Core. With an 10" x 12" overall size, these mats fit perfectly into 10" x 12" frames and are bevel cut to enhance your 8" x 10" photos. Actual mat opening size is 7.5" x 9.5" inches so that the mat may safely and securely display your 8" x 10" photo, artwork, needlepoint, sign, etc. Includes backing and bags.

Poster Palooza Maroon 10x12 Picture Frame Mats with White Core f

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