$210 Tube Connector Adapter Weld Fabrication Bungs 1-3/4" .095 .120 Automotive Motorcycle Powersports Tube Connector Adapter Weld Fabrication Super sale period limited .095 4" 1-3 .120 Bungs .095,Adapter,Connector,Bungs,Tube,Fabrication,1-3/4",/accentuation514354.html,.120,$210,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,avon-bonus.ru,Weld $210 Tube Connector Adapter Weld Fabrication Bungs 1-3/4" .095 .120 Automotive Motorcycle Powersports .095,Adapter,Connector,Bungs,Tube,Fabrication,1-3/4",/accentuation514354.html,.120,$210,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,avon-bonus.ru,Weld Tube Connector Adapter Weld Fabrication Super sale period limited .095 4" 1-3 .120 Bungs

Tube Connector Adapter Weld Fabrication Super sale period limited .095 Cheap 4

Tube Connector Adapter Weld Fabrication Bungs 1-3/4" .095 .120


Tube Connector Adapter Weld Fabrication Bungs 1-3/4" .095 .120

Product description

Item Package Quantity:20

We listened to the fabricators needs -these connectors are designed to make installations extremely easy! Great universal tubing connector for any fabrication project. Low profile for a clean and streamlined finished assembly. Features : -Solid cold rolled steel machined parts-not cast. -Ends have chamfer for strong and clean welds. -Pocketed cavity holds nut in place for easy tightening. Designed for single stage and dual stage powdercoat clearances. -No threads machined in bungs ! Allows for easy alignment without the risk of damaged threads. -Bolts can be run either direction for tight locations. 5/16-18 stainless bolts/nut to prevent rust. -Low profile 2-3/8" overall height. -Fits .095 wall and .120 wall tubing. Great for many fabrication uses : Bumpers- spare tire carriers-roof racks-doors-subframes and whatever else you can fab up.

Tube Connector Adapter Weld Fabrication Bungs 1-3/4" .095 .120

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