YHYH Jars Kitchen Canister Set Ranking TOP15 with of Wood Cute Bear Lids(Set $85 YHYH Jars Kitchen Canister Set with Cute Bear Wood Lids(Set of Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining YHYH Jars Kitchen Canister Set Ranking TOP15 with of Wood Cute Bear Lids(Set $85,Cute,/accentuation691954.html,of,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Jars,with,YHYH,Kitchen,Bear,Canister,Wood,Lids(Set,Set,avon-bonus.ru $85 YHYH Jars Kitchen Canister Set with Cute Bear Wood Lids(Set of Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $85,Cute,/accentuation691954.html,of,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Jars,with,YHYH,Kitchen,Bear,Canister,Wood,Lids(Set,Set,avon-bonus.ru

YHYH Jars Kitchen Canister Set Ranking TOP15 with of Wood Cute Bear Super intense SALE Lids(Set

YHYH Jars Kitchen Canister Set with Cute Bear Wood Lids(Set of


YHYH Jars Kitchen Canister Set with Cute Bear Wood Lids(Set of

Product description

Color:1000ml 3pcs

The perfect hostess gift-the chic suit is a practical and amazing gift idea for any special occasion, including birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, housewarming, etc
Product name: Container
Material: high borosilicate glass material, wooden
Capacity: 680ML/22.9OZ
Note: Does not contain decorations (such as: noodles, cereals, snacks, honey, liquids, etc.)
Warranty: If you receive any damaged food containers during the logistics process, don't worry, please contact customer service for help. Our product box includes a simple and easy return policy

YHYH Jars Kitchen Canister Set with Cute Bear Wood Lids(Set of

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