avon-bonus.ru,433mhz,/arterioverter514310.html,Set,TPMS,Tesla,Tire,MAX,$98,MXSA001,for,Pressure,4,Automotive , Tires Wheels,Sensors,of $98 Set of 4 MAX MXSA001 TPMS 433mhz Tire Pressure Sensors for Tesla Automotive Tires Wheels $98 Set of 4 MAX MXSA001 TPMS 433mhz Tire Pressure Sensors for Tesla Automotive Tires Wheels Set of 4 MAX MXSA001 trust TPMS Tire Pressure Sensors Tesla for 433mhz avon-bonus.ru,433mhz,/arterioverter514310.html,Set,TPMS,Tesla,Tire,MAX,$98,MXSA001,for,Pressure,4,Automotive , Tires Wheels,Sensors,of Set of 4 MAX MXSA001 trust TPMS Tire Pressure Sensors Tesla for 433mhz

Set of 4 MAX MXSA001 trust TPMS Tire Pressure Sensors Ranking TOP16 Tesla for 433mhz

Set of 4 MAX MXSA001 TPMS 433mhz Tire Pressure Sensors for Tesla


Set of 4 MAX MXSA001 TPMS 433mhz Tire Pressure Sensors for Tesla

Product description

  • Set of 4 MAX 433mhz TPMS Tire Pressure Sensors w/ Matte Black Aluminum Valve Stems

  • Please Note: Please Verify OEM Part Number Your Vehicle Is Equipped With Prior to Purchase. Vin Number is Recommended To Verify OEM Part Numbers Equipped On Your Specific Vehicle

  • Pre-Programmed, simple install and Drive Vehicle For Auto Re-Learn Or Reset Settings. No Additional Programming Is Required
  • 7-8 year battery life.
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Compatible with OEM Part Numbers: Baolong 6004985

  • Built to perform like O.E sensors, in terms of signal interval, durability amp; functionality.
  • Automotive battery grade to meet most severe weather conditions.
  • Supports high pressure applications
  • Precision crafted air valve to prevent air pressure leakage.
  • Anodized stem valve for corrosion resistance.
  • 0-40 degree adjustable stem valve to fit all types of wheels.
  • Fast amp; simple assembly onto any aluminum amp; steel wheels.
  • Dual Axis G-Sensor Technology for fast programming and foolproof.
  • Independent lab tested for performance and durability
  • Set of 4 MAX MXSA001 TPMS 433mhz Tire Pressure Sensors for Tesla

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    tablet Android 10.0 Touch PC 10.5-inch IPS HD Screen 128GB 6GB R
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