$46 Frame It Easy 14 x 14 Gold Natural Wood Frame (Dayton) with Matt Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Frame,Frame,Wood,(Dayton),Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,with,x,14,$46,/auriphrygia200408.html,14,It,Natural,avon-bonus.ru,Easy,Gold,Matt Frame mart It Easy 14 x Gold Wood with Matt Natural Dayton Frame mart It Easy 14 x Gold Wood with Matt Natural Dayton $46 Frame It Easy 14 x 14 Gold Natural Wood Frame (Dayton) with Matt Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Frame,Frame,Wood,(Dayton),Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,with,x,14,$46,/auriphrygia200408.html,14,It,Natural,avon-bonus.ru,Easy,Gold,Matt

Frame mart It Easy 14 Fixed price for sale x Gold Wood with Matt Natural Dayton

Frame It Easy 14 x 14 Gold Natural Wood Frame (Dayton) with Matt


Frame It Easy 14 x 14 Gold Natural Wood Frame (Dayton) with Matt

Product description

This gold wood picture frame has an outside dimension of 19 1/8" x 19 1/8". It is custom cut, packaged, and shipped from our 25,000 square foot warehouse in Derby, Connecticut. This very popular 1 1/4" Natural Wood style is made from a North American Hardwood.

We ship your frame order via UPS, FedEx or USPS with extra sturdy shipping packaging.

Before ordering: measure the exact height and width of your artwork in US inches. The exact measurement of your artwork 14" (width) by 14" (height) will fit this 14" x 14" frame.

Frame It Easy 14 x 14 Gold Natural Wood Frame (Dayton) with Matt

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