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Fujiang Kids Gardening Tools Garden with Tool Garde Set Sales results No. 1 Popular shop is the lowest price challenge for

Fujiang Kids Gardening Tools Garden Tool Set for Kids with Garde


Fujiang Kids Gardening Tools Garden Tool Set for Kids with Garde

Product description

Kids Gardening Tools Garden Tool Set for Kids with Gardening Watering Can /Gloves/Shovel/ Rake All in One Gardening kids garden tools set
Features: 100% brand new and high quality
● Children’s garden tools: This children’s gardening tool set includes a pair of gloves, an apron, a watering can, a watering can, a caterpillar square shovel, a caterpillar tip shovel, a caterpillar rake, two ground cards, two A flower pot, a hat, and a flower basket bag are all packed in a box.
● High quality and safety: Our children's gardening tools are made of durable, odor-free and environmentally friendly plastic, and have rounded edges and no sharp edges. The perfect size specially designed for children will not hurt children's hands when playing.
● Improve interaction with children: This children's gardening tool is very suitable for you to play with your children, enhance the affinity between you and your children, improve your children's hands-on ability, integrate gardening into family entertainment, and keep children away from electronic screens.
● Multifunctional: Not only gardening toys, you can also take these gardening tools to the beach and play on the beach or in the park playground.
● A unique gift for children: This children's garden tool set attracts children's interest, helps them keep in touch with nature, and helps them stay active. It is an ideal gift for children.

Specification: Material: Plastic
Color: Colorful
Size1: Approx.24x28cm/9.4x11inch
Size2: Approx.10x9cm/3.9x3.5inch
Size3: Approx.48x42cm/18.9x16.5inch
Size4: Approx.15x18cm/5.9x7.1inch
Size5: Approx.21x7.1cm/8.3x2.8inch
Size6: Approx.20x6.7cm/7.9x2.6inch
Size7: Approx.18x6.5cm/7.1x2.6inch
Size8: Approx.21x7.4cm/8.3x2.9inch
Size9: Approx.21.5x12cm/8.5x4.7inch
Size10: Approx.11.5x17.5cm/4.5x6.9inch
Size11: Approx.11x18cm/4.3x7.1inch

Package Includes: 1 Set Children's Gardening Tool

note: 1.Plea

Fujiang Kids Gardening Tools Garden Tool Set for Kids with Garde

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