Girl Women Motorcycle Helmet Cat Certif Ear Bluetooth DOT National products,Ear,$109,Bluetooth,DOT,Cat,Girl,Helmet,Motorcycle,Certif,Women,/carroch514038.html,Helmet,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports $109 Girl Women Motorcycle Helmet Cat Ear Bluetooth Helmet DOT Certif Automotive Motorcycle Powersports,Ear,$109,Bluetooth,DOT,Cat,Girl,Helmet,Motorcycle,Certif,Women,/carroch514038.html,Helmet,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports $109 Girl Women Motorcycle Helmet Cat Ear Bluetooth Helmet DOT Certif Automotive Motorcycle Powersports Girl Women Motorcycle Helmet Cat Certif Ear Bluetooth DOT National products

Girl Women Motorcycle Helmet Cat Certif Ear Beauty products Bluetooth DOT National products

Girl Women Motorcycle Helmet Cat Ear Bluetooth Helmet DOT Certif


Girl Women Motorcycle Helmet Cat Ear Bluetooth Helmet DOT Certif

Product description

The "cat ear helmet" streamlined head shape highlights the personality, and the combination of fashion and technology effectively reduces wind resistance and enjoys the freedom of riding

1.High-strength ABS shell, lightweight and impact resistant.

2.The lightweight and lightweight design reduces wind noise.

3.The multi-density EPS safety buffer layer of motorcycle helmets can effectively reduce vibration and impact, and easily protect the head.

4.The helmet pad / cheek pad upgrades the inner pad design, using 3D pad ERP lining made of breathable technical fabric, light and soft, easy to remove and clean. Smooth aerodynamic design, fast. The front and rear vents provide maximum ventilation. Reduce wind noise and resistance. .

5.The quick-release D-shaped buckle ensures a firm fit and stick to the head.


Name: Motorcycle helmet

Material: ABS, EPS

Weight: about 1900g

Applicable head circumference: 54-62CM

Girl Women Motorcycle Helmet Cat Ear Bluetooth Helmet DOT Certif

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