AUTOOL X80 Sales OBD2 Multi-Function Smart Digital Head- Meter Car Hud AUTOOL X80 Sales OBD2 Multi-Function Smart Digital Head- Meter Car Hud AUTOOL,$28,Digital,,Automotive , Tools Equipment,X80,/carroch642138.html,Meter,Car,OBD2,Smart,Head-,Hud,Multi-Function AUTOOL,$28,Digital,,Automotive , Tools Equipment,X80,/carroch642138.html,Meter,Car,OBD2,Smart,Head-,Hud,Multi-Function $28 AUTOOL X80 OBD2 Multi-Function Smart Digital Meter Car Hud Head- Automotive Tools Equipment $28 AUTOOL X80 OBD2 Multi-Function Smart Digital Meter Car Hud Head- Automotive Tools Equipment

AUTOOL San Francisco Mall X80 Sales OBD2 Multi-Function Smart Digital Head- Meter Car Hud

AUTOOL X80 OBD2 Multi-Function Smart Digital Meter Car Hud Head-


AUTOOL X80 OBD2 Multi-Function Smart Digital Meter Car Hud Head-

Product description

AUTOOL X80 OBD II Multi-function Digital Meter: it is a new onboard meter designed by Autool for real-time data transmission of the vehicle.

It enables the user to diagnose car with a simple plug-in 9 step to function.
1) LCD Display - Displays menu and test result.
2) M Key - Go back to the main menu.
3) + Key - Moves up in menu and sub-menu items.

4) - Key - Scroll down in the menu and sub-menu items.
5) OK Key - Confirm a selection (or action) from a menu.
6) Light sensor - automatic light sensor and adjustment on the screen according to the change of environment.
7) OBD II Connector - Connects the device to the vehicle’s Data Link Connector (DLC).
8) USB Connector - Connects the device to the PC for printing or upgrading.

The X80 supports displaying parameters listed below: Speed, Average Speed, Water Temperature, Intake Temperature, Outside Temperature, Voltage, Fuel Temperature, Intake Pressure, Engine Load, RPM, Instant Fuel Consumption, Fuel Level, Average Fuel Consumption, Distance, Engine Oil Pressure, Throttle position, Engine Oil Temperature, Pre-ignition Angle


1) Operating Temperature: 3- 60 °C (32 - 140 °F)
2) Storage Temperature: -20 - 70°C (-14 - 158°F)
3) External Power: 8.0 - 18.0 V power from the vehicle battery.


1) Main unit
2) OBD connection cable
3) 2 pieces of adhesive
4) Manual
5) Quality certificate


The device is powered via the vehicle Data Link Connector (DLC).
Just plug the OBD II connector of the device to the vehicle’s OBD port.

AUTOOL X80 OBD2 Multi-Function Smart Digital Meter Car Hud Head-

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