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LKYBOA 12''HD Screen Magnifier Solid Cheap super special price Wood Grain Outlet sale feature Mobile Foldable

LKYBOA 12''HD Screen Magnifier, Solid Wood Grain Foldable Mobile


LKYBOA 12''HD Screen Magnifier, Solid Wood Grain Foldable Mobile

Product description

Adopt high-definition optical technology to enlarge 2-4 times on the screen of mobile phone,the picture is clear, more dynamic!
Hands-free:This magnifier built with phone holder,you can watch a film,see any video or read from your phone hands-free.super convenience and practical.
No Battery Needed:Adopt HD zoom optical technology,no battery needed.
The product is simple and easy to carry, light in weight, small in volume, suitable for indoor, camping, tourism, leisure and other places.
Adjust the distance from mobile phone frame to the lens and angle, adjust focal length,lens angle,in order to achieve the best view and optimal amplification effect.
The best watch angle is vertical to the lens,and the best watch distance is about 0.5 meters .Because the lens is larger, there will be a slightly reflective phenomenon on the mirror.
please adjust the brightness of the light and the angle of the light.
Avoid Using in Strong Light:You'd better don't use the item in strong sunshine or strong light.
It will display better in normal light conditions or dark environment .Do not use hard wipe scratch the lens
Materials: Wooden and Plexiglass
Screen Size: 12 inches
Package list:
1 x 12 inch Phone Screen Amplifier
After-sale service
*Your any Amazon massage will be replied within 24 hours

LKYBOA 12''HD Screen Magnifier, Solid Wood Grain Foldable Mobile

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