Drill,1.5-10mm,JF-XUAN,/chemiotropism691578.html,Drilling,15pcs/Set,Electric,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,HSS-CO,$29,Metal,avon-bonus.ru JF-XUAN price 15pcs Set Metal Drilling 1.5-10mm HSS-CO Drill Electric $29 JF-XUAN 15pcs/Set Metal Drilling Electric Drill,1.5-10mm HSS-CO Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $29 JF-XUAN 15pcs/Set Metal Drilling Electric Drill,1.5-10mm HSS-CO Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Drill,1.5-10mm,JF-XUAN,/chemiotropism691578.html,Drilling,15pcs/Set,Electric,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,HSS-CO,$29,Metal,avon-bonus.ru JF-XUAN price 15pcs Set Metal Drilling 1.5-10mm HSS-CO Drill Electric

JF-XUAN price 15pcs Set Metal Drilling 1.5-10mm HSS-CO Fashion Drill Electric

JF-XUAN 15pcs/Set Metal Drilling Electric Drill,1.5-10mm HSS-CO


JF-XUAN 15pcs/Set Metal Drilling Electric Drill,1.5-10mm HSS-CO

Product description

Material: HSS

Suitable For: luminum, wood, malleable and deep hole drilling positioning holes iron.

M35 cobalt high speed steel to obtain high hardness, high wear resistance and high toughness

Whole by grinding forming, accurate size, high life, the efficacy of long

Can be used radial drill, bench drill or hand drill chuck for drilling operations.


1.5mm Tool length:18mm Overall Length:40mm

2mm Tool length:24mm Overall Length:49mm

2.5mm Tool length:30mm Overall Length:57mm

3mm Tool length:33mm Overall Length:61mm

3.5mm Tool length:39mm Overall Length:68mm

4mm Tool length:43mm Overall Length:75mm

4.5mm Tool length:47mm Overall Length:80mm

5mm Tool length:52mm Overall Length:83mm

5.5mm Tool length:57mm Overall Length:93mm

6mm Tool length:57mm Overall Length:93mm

6.5mm Tool length:62mm Overall Length:98mm

7mm Tool length:69mm Overall Length:101mm

8mm Tool length:75mm Overall Length:117mm

9mm Tool length:81mm Overall Length:125mm

10mm Tool length:87mm Overall Length:133mm

Packing Included

15 x M35 Twist Drill (Contains box)
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JF-XUAN 15pcs/Set Metal Drilling Electric Drill,1.5-10mm HSS-CO

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