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San Antonio Mall Tagobee Max 62% OFF Smart Watch for Android Smartwatch iOS Phones Bluetooth

Tagobee Smart Watch for Android iOS Phones,Bluetooth Smartwatch


Tagobee Smart Watch for Android iOS Phones,Bluetooth Smartwatch

Product Description


Tagobee Smart Watch simplify your healthy life.Just bluetooth connect your Android 4.4 or iOS 8.0 above smartphone,you will get a Clear Picture about your Health Status, you may read your heart rate/Blood pressure/ Sleep Status data both from your Smart watch and phone, Moreover, Tagobee Smart Watch is a fitness Activity Tracker which can record your 24 modes daily Exercise Data, almost covers all your daily sports.


Various Colors and 1.3''HD Color Touch Screen

Larger HD Screen for a better visual experience;Full-screen touch,free operation,240*240 HD resolution,clear color,bring you different visual effects. 1.3 inch full view Full screen touch HD display. More than 40 kinds watch face can be choose,the stylish appearance with a widen steel strap is a Idea Gift for business men.

Tagobee Smart Watch for Android iOS Phones,Bluetooth Smartwatch

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