Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,$28,avon-bonus.ru,/dasyure790848.html,Inch,Phone,3D,Amplifi,Mobile,Mobile,Screen,Magnifier,12,Phone,HD $28 3D HD Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier,12 Inch Mobile Phone Amplifi Cell Phones Accessories Accessories $28 3D HD Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier,12 Inch Mobile Phone Amplifi Cell Phones Accessories Accessories Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,$28,avon-bonus.ru,/dasyure790848.html,Inch,Phone,3D,Amplifi,Mobile,Mobile,Screen,Magnifier,12,Phone,HD 3D HD Mobile Phone Screen Inch Magnifier Amplifi 12 Lowest price challenge 3D HD Mobile Phone Screen Inch Magnifier Amplifi 12 Lowest price challenge

3D HD Mobile Phone Screen Inch Magnifier Amplifi 12 Lowest price challenge Award-winning store

3D HD Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier,12 Inch Mobile Phone Amplifi


3D HD Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier,12 Inch Mobile Phone Amplifi

Product description


Colors: White, Black
Bluetooth version 4.2:
Battery: 18650 800mAh
Output power: 5W
Signal to noise ratio: 50dB
Frequency response range: 50-20KHZ,
Speaker specifications: 45MM 4 ohm 5W dual speakers
Charging: Micor5P
AUX interface: 3.5mm
Product size: 306 * 48.5 * 129mm

How to use it:
Note: Avoid using it under direct sunlight or strong light, avoid unclear light, it will display better in low light environment. Do not use a hard cloth to scratch the lens. When not in use, use a soft cloth to protect the lens.
The best angle phone is perpendicular to the lens, and a distance of 1 meter is the best distance phone. Because the lens is large, the mirror surface will reflect slightly, please adjust the brightness and angle of the light.

3D HD Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier,12 Inch Mobile Phone Amplifi

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