ZHFRC Mini Blue Backlight Limited Special Price Humidifier A Air Ultrasonic ZHFRC Mini Blue Backlight Limited Special Price Humidifier A Air Ultrasonic /dasyure791148.html,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,Air,Ultrasonic,$36,avon-bonus.ru,Backlight,ZHFRC,Blue,Mini,A,Humidifier,Humidifier $36 ZHFRC Mini Blue Backlight Humidifier Ultrasonic Humidifier Air A Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality $36 ZHFRC Mini Blue Backlight Humidifier Ultrasonic Humidifier Air A Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality /dasyure791148.html,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,Air,Ultrasonic,$36,avon-bonus.ru,Backlight,ZHFRC,Blue,Mini,A,Humidifier,Humidifier

ZHFRC Mini Blue Backlight Limited Special Price Humidifier A Air favorite Ultrasonic

ZHFRC Mini Blue Backlight Humidifier Ultrasonic Humidifier Air A


ZHFRC Mini Blue Backlight Humidifier Ultrasonic Humidifier Air A

Product description

Color:Light Wood

Model Number:K-H3AB
Operation Method:Keyboard Type
Mist Output (gallon / day):30ml/H
Timing Function:No
Humidifying Capacity:≤380ml/h
Power Type:USB
Mist Outlet Quantity: One/a
Water-shortage Power-off Protection:Yes
Humidity Control:Manual
Type:Ultrasonic Humidifier
Humidification Method:Mist Discharge
Power (W):2W
Voltage (V):5V
Note: Since the monitor will display different colors, the color difference is very small. The actual product shall prevail.lt;;br/gt; Due to manual measurement, it is normal for the product size to have an error of 1-3cm.lt;;br/gt; The delivery time is 12-18 days , 30 days for returnlt;;br/gt; If you cannot receive the order within 30 days, please contact uslt;;br/gt;

ZHFRC Mini Blue Backlight Humidifier Ultrasonic Humidifier Air A

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