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Artizan OFFicial store 340ML Tree USB Cash special price Humidifier Po Mini Office Desk

Artizan 340ML Tree USB Humidifier Office Desk Humidifier Mini Po


Artizan 340ML Tree USB Humidifier Office Desk Humidifier Mini Po

Product description


Description :
340ML Tree USB Humidifier Office Mini Portable Small Air Purifying Humidifier
- Automatic Timing Protection
Shut down at 8 hours to prevent dehydration, so as to avoid product damage.
- Night Light Function, Easy Operation
Can be used as a night light with sleep.
- Small Size, Large Capacity
Battery life can last for 8-10 hours.
- Nano Water Mist
Specification :
Material : ABS+PP+PET+Silica Gel
Color : Pink
Weight : 190g
Size : 79 X 140 x 47 mm
Product Capacity : 340ml
Spray Volume : 35±5ML
Power : 1.5W
Voltage : DC5V
Power Supply : USB Cable Input
Package Includes :
1 x Tree USB Humidifier
1 x USB Cable

Artizan 340ML Tree USB Humidifier Office Desk Humidifier Mini Po

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