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Nail Art Rhinestones Kit, 3100pcs Crystal Diamond Rhinestones fo


Nail Art Rhinestones Kit, 3100pcs Crystal Diamond Rhinestones fo

Product Description

Add Sparkle, Texture and Vibrancy to Your Nail Art Creations with Our Nail Crystals and Rhinestones Kit

Nail art rhinestones

Create Sparkling Nail Art With Ease

If you were thinking about to enhance your nail art with bling and glamour, then this Rhinestone Nail Art Set would be something you shouldn't miss! It can instantly transform you into a nail art pro by providing you with the means to add sparkle and shine to your nail enhancements.

Elevate all your manicures with our stunning nail crystals here. Whether you’re a nail technician or love to get creative with nail art at home, nail rhinestones and nail crystals are always a beautiful addition to your nails. Just choose the right color nail crystals you love to brighten up a nail art creation and give you perfect finishing touches.

Sparkling 3D Nail Art Rhinestones

Nail Diamonds

Highlight for Your Nails for Both Professionals and Beginners

The nail gems are made of glass flatback rhinestones which is pure, solid and transparent, flatback and round crystals can be easily applied to natural or artificial nails, professional nail tools and accessories for beauty nail art decorations.

How to Apply Nail Rhinestones

  • Apply rhinestones on polished nail while still sticky. Arrange nail rhinestones to any design you like.
  • If the polish is already dry when you are still applying your nail rhinestones, apply some top coat. The top coat acts as a bonder.
  • After finishing your design, wait until the polish or top coat dry.
  • Finish with a layer or two of top coat to seal the stones.

There are so many original and stunning ways to dress up your fingertips. Nail art really takes a manicure to the next level. Add a few rhinestones gems into the mix and you’re on the way to a truly exciting rhinestone nail art design.

Applications - Boost Your Creativity

Nail Gems

Endless Possibilities for Nail Art Crafts

There are endless possibilities with these glass crystal nail gems that includes tools to offer precise nail artwork, applying nail decorations with ease, keeping your gems organized, and even has a wide variety of rhinestones to meet all your decorating needs. It is easy to use and gives you a chance to show off your aesthetic sense with your detailed and intricate designs.

Rhinestones give an endless array of projects. Bling your project and sparkly in a unique way. Available in varieties of colors and shapes, rhinestones can be combined to create unique shapes. You can embellish a variety of crafts projects. You can Blitz your nails with rhinestones, highlight your scrapbook memory pages with these colorful jewels, stand out from the crowd with a bedazzled school bag, Dazzle your picture frames and make unique memories for all around the house with these sparkling gems. In addition, what's a holiday without sparkle! Rhinestones are a must for holidays, Seasonal crafts such as Halloween, Christmas Ornaments yearn for these jewels.

Nail Art Rhinestones Kit, 3100pcs Crystal Diamond Rhinestones fo

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