Raycharm 41.8" 6000K Sale Natural Bright White Large Spaces Illuminat $42,Spaces,Automotive , RV Parts Accessories,6000K,/ergoplasm642306.html,Bright,White,Large,avon-bonus.ru,41.8",Natural,Illuminat,Raycharm $42 Raycharm 41.8" 6000K Natural Bright White Large Spaces Illuminat Automotive RV Parts Accessories $42,Spaces,Automotive , RV Parts Accessories,6000K,/ergoplasm642306.html,Bright,White,Large,avon-bonus.ru,41.8",Natural,Illuminat,Raycharm $42 Raycharm 41.8" 6000K Natural Bright White Large Spaces Illuminat Automotive RV Parts Accessories Raycharm 41.8" 6000K Sale Natural Bright White Large Spaces Illuminat

sold out Raycharm 41.8

Raycharm 41.8" 6000K Natural Bright White Large Spaces Illuminat


Raycharm 41.8" 6000K Natural Bright White Large Spaces Illuminat

Product description

Size:41.8 Inch 38.4W

Color Temperature: 6000K output as close to natural sunshine
Lens Materials: Acrylic
Finish: Gray
Length of Light Bar: 41.8 inches
Input Voltage: 12-28V DC
Current Draw: 3200mA@12V, 1400mA@24V
Wattage: 38.4W
LEDs: 240 Pieces 2835 SMD LED
Lumen Output: 3840 LM
Power Wire Length: 15 Inches

Products Description:
The color temperature is a key consideration for the LED ambience lighting. When dining, this LED dome lights in warm-white color temperature is a best lighting solution, making food fresher and more attractive.

Quality reliability is another vital point for LED lighting. With RoHS approved, our LED dome lights are friendly to the environment. From circuit board, plastic housing, to acrylic lens, all materials are in strictly quality control for making a reliable and green solid-state lighting product.

To avoid flicking when lighted on as many LED luminaries are, our engineers know how to control the current precisely to make an even illuminating LED dome light. With DC input ranged from 12V to 28V, our LED dome lights are designed with circuit protection from voltage fluctuations, plus reverse polarity protection and temporary water immersion protection.

The Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) circuit board is built in the LED lights to prevent Electromagnetic interference to radios and communication devices, at the same time being not susceptible to radiation from other devices.

Safety is the nature of LED lights, just as it should be. The LED lights’ UV-cut acrylic lens is made in state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing techniques, providing diffused light beam in safety and smoothness style, without eyes being glared or strained.

Raycharm 41.8" 6000K Natural Bright White Large Spaces Illuminat

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