SANJIANG Drawer Slides Max 42% OFF Full 8-20 Extension Inches $46 SANJIANG Drawer Slides,Full Extension Drawer Slides 8-20 Inches Tools Home Improvement Hardware SANJIANG Drawer Slides Max 42% OFF Full 8-20 Extension Inches SANJIANG,Slides,Full,Inches,Drawer,,$46,/ergoplasm791106.html,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,8-20,Drawer,Extension,Slides SANJIANG,Slides,Full,Inches,Drawer,,$46,/ergoplasm791106.html,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,8-20,Drawer,Extension,Slides $46 SANJIANG Drawer Slides,Full Extension Drawer Slides 8-20 Inches Tools Home Improvement Hardware

SANJIANG Drawer Slides Max price 42% OFF Full 8-20 Extension Inches

SANJIANG Drawer Slides,Full Extension Drawer Slides 8-20 Inches


SANJIANG Drawer Slides,Full Extension Drawer Slides 8-20 Inches

Product description


Name: Damping Slide
Product specifications: 8in-20in
Material: cold rolled steel
Installation method: side mounted
Use range: all kinds of drawers

Package Contents:
1 pair Drawer Slide (2 pcs)
Mounting brackets and screws are not included.

-The size of the product is manually measured, there is a slight error, and the inconvenience caused to you, please understand.
-This product is taken in kind, there may be slight chromatic aberration, please understand.
-If you have any questions, please email us. We will reply within 24 hours

SANJIANG Drawer Slides,Full Extension Drawer Slides 8-20 Inches

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