$39 TAIJU Smart Watch for Android Phones and iOS, Rugged Watch for M Electronics Wearable Technology TAIJU Smart Watch for Android High quality new Rugged and Phones iOS M TAIJU Smart Watch for Android High quality new Rugged and Phones iOS M Watch,TAIJU,M,and,Phones,avon-bonus.ru,$39,Android,iOS,,Smart,for,for,Watch,Rugged,Electronics , Wearable Technology,/euphemizer298077.html Watch,TAIJU,M,and,Phones,avon-bonus.ru,$39,Android,iOS,,Smart,for,for,Watch,Rugged,Electronics , Wearable Technology,/euphemizer298077.html $39 TAIJU Smart Watch for Android Phones and iOS, Rugged Watch for M Electronics Wearable Technology

TAIJU Smart Watch Ranking TOP16 for Android High quality new Rugged and Phones iOS M

TAIJU Smart Watch for Android Phones and iOS, Rugged Watch for M


TAIJU Smart Watch for Android Phones and iOS, Rugged Watch for M

Product description


➤ Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0
➤ Chip: nRF52840
➤ Memory: RAM 64KB + ROM 128M
➤ Waterproof: 3ATM waterproof
➤ Display: 1.69 inches TFT screen, resolution 240*280
➤ Battery: 350mAh polymer battery
➤ Endurance: 14 days of daily use, 50 days of standby
➤ Connected mobile phone APP name: Da Fit
➤ Support compatible connected mobile phone version: IOS 10.0 and above, Android 5.1 and above
➤ Strap size and width: 20 mm (strap replacement is not supported)
➤ Packaging (in the box): smart watch x1, charging cable x1, manual x1, warranty card x1, protective film x1

TAIJU Smart Watch for Android Phones and iOS, Rugged Watch for M

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