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Laser Max 57% OFF Limited Special Price 3182 Satin Combination 34 mm Spanner

Laser 3182 Satin Combination Spanner, 34 mm


Laser 3182 Satin Combination Spanner, 34 mm

Product description

Satin finished spanner with range from 6mm - 50mm

A British tool company based in Warwickshire, United Kingdom. Laser Tools draws on years of experience to introduce quality products which offer real value for money.

All our products are responsibly sourced both from trusted ethical partners across the world PLUS (uniquely as an automotive tool brand) our own manufacturing base in the UK.

Combining our British manufacturing, our years of experience and vast expertise in the automotive sector helps us achieve our aim of bringing high quality tool solutions first to market and being No.1 choice for many professional mechanics.

Laser 3182 Satin Combination Spanner, 34 mm

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