DIAOD 26cm Led Selfie Ring Lamp Japan Maker New Octopu with Fill Light Mini with,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,26cm,$52,Fill,avon-bonus.ru,Led,Light,Ring,/euphemizer790977.html,Lamp,Mini,Selfie,Octopu,Ring,DIAOD with,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,26cm,$52,Fill,avon-bonus.ru,Led,Light,Ring,/euphemizer790977.html,Lamp,Mini,Selfie,Octopu,Ring,DIAOD $52 DIAOD 26cm Led Selfie Ring Lamp Ring Fill Light with Mini Octopu Cell Phones Accessories Accessories $52 DIAOD 26cm Led Selfie Ring Lamp Ring Fill Light with Mini Octopu Cell Phones Accessories Accessories DIAOD 26cm Led Selfie Ring Lamp Japan Maker New Octopu with Fill Light Mini

DIAOD 26cm Led Selfie Ring Lamp Japan Sale price Maker New Octopu with Fill Light Mini

DIAOD 26cm Led Selfie Ring Lamp Ring Fill Light with Mini Octopu


DIAOD 26cm Led Selfie Ring Lamp Ring Fill Light with Mini Octopu

Product description


Color Temperature: 3000K-5800K
Circle Light Size: Diameter 6.3 Inch, 10 inch
USB Power Cord Length: 6.5ft
3 Lighting Modes: Cold,Warm+Cold,Warm
Universal flat phone holder / camera holder.
Applicable environment: desktop and other planes.
It can rotate 360 degrees.
sponge have the effect of protecting the phone from being scratched.
Package Included:
1 x Octopus Tripod
1 x Phone holder
1. Due to the problems of lighting effects and shooting angles, there will be certain tolerances in the product, please understand.
2. Due to manual measurement, the product has some size tolerance.

DIAOD 26cm Led Selfie Ring Lamp Ring Fill Light with Mini Octopu

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