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Opeth: In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall


Opeth: In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall

Editorial Reviews

Double-DVD set of Opeth's performance at the legendary Royal Albert Hall, in its entirety.
As part of the ongoing celebration of their 20th anniversary, Sweden's Opeth is releasing live footage and audio from the band's recent performance at London's famed Royal Albert Hall. 'In Live Concert at the Royal Albert Hall' is a fierce testament to Opeth's continued success in the progressive metal community. Opeth performed two sets that evening - the first of the now classic, 'Blackwater Park' in its entirety and the second, a chronologically arranged selection of material from the rest of Opeth's extensive catalogue.
Bonus features include an exclusive interview and the behind-the-scenes documentary, 'On Tour with Opeth.' DVD's are in 5.1 Dolby surround sound, produced and mixed by Jens Bogren.

Opeth: In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall



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