Genuine Relating in an Imperfect World

Real-World Romance for Real-Life Partners Last month, I finished revising and updating The Fantasy Bond with my husband, Robert Firestone.

Genuine Relating in an Imperfect World

Real-World Romance for Real-Life Partners Last month, I finished revising and updating The Fantasy Bond with my husband, Robert Firestone.

Why We Should Stop Treating Love Like a "Pie"

I recently read a famous short story by Amy Bloom about an adult woman at her mother’s funeral.
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Ball Pit Gray with 200 Balls | Modern Ball Pit | Stylish Ball Pi

How your attachment style may be sabotaging your finding love.

Rudeness and Disrespect: What to Do and How to Manage

I often hear aggravation from parents about their child’s “disrespect,” “rudeness,” or “cussing” when describing challenges at home.

How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children

Presenter: Lisa Firestone, Ph.D.

    In this Webinar:  As parents, we pay attention to our children’s physical wellness, never missing a symptom or a check-up. However, how attuned are we to the emotional health of our children? How well do our children deal with stress? How well do we address their tantrums or the turbulence they undergo in…
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Adolescent Mental Health: Creating a Pathway for Healthy Development

August 25, 2021
In this Webinar:  Explore common mental health struggles faced by adolescents and teens Discuss key neuroscientific factors that impact the…Learn More

Understanding and Treating Suicide Risk in 2021

Sep. 1, 2021
In this Webinar:    Currently in the United States, around 12 million adult Americans are struggling with serious thoughts of…Learn More

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Helping Youth Cope With Perceived Racism, Prejudice and Bias

June 15, 2021
In this Webinar:    Adolescence is a developmental period where youth explore and begin to understand their identity and racial…Learn More

The Voice of Addiction

In this Webinar:  Understand the sneaky role of a “critical inner voice” in driving addiction Explore the roots of this…Learn More