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Cutting board Foldable Silicone Kitchen Camping Factory outlet Board Bargain C

Cutting board, Foldable Silicone Cutting Board Kitchen Camping C


Cutting board, Foldable Silicone Cutting Board Kitchen Camping C

Product description


Ergonomic, space-saving design. Strainers
are foldable, so they do not take up much needed room in your kitchen

PP material, strong and durable. The barrel body is made of soft and
rake-shaped glue. It is flexible and does not deform at first.

User these strainers to rinse your salad leafs, fruits and fresh vegetables.

Space-saving design. Strainers are foldable, so they do not take up much needed room in your kitchen cupboards.

Color : as show
Size : Approx. 40*30*13.5cm

Package Included:
1X Foldable Chopping board

Cutting board, Foldable Silicone Cutting Board Kitchen Camping C

P. Graham Dunn I'll Be Home Vintage Red Truck 20.75 x 7.75 Pine
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