Amplifier,12",fo,,/premillennialist298179.html,Screen,Magnifier,Enlarger,3D,Gfbyq,Screen,Phone,$25,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories Amplifier,12",fo,,/premillennialist298179.html,Screen,Magnifier,Enlarger,3D,Gfbyq,Screen,Phone,$25,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories Gfbyq 3D Phone Screen Sacramento Mall Enlarger Magnifier 12" fo Amplifier $25 Gfbyq 3D Phone Screen Enlarger Amplifier,12" Screen Magnifier fo Cell Phones Accessories Accessories Gfbyq 3D Phone Screen Sacramento Mall Enlarger Magnifier 12" fo Amplifier $25 Gfbyq 3D Phone Screen Enlarger Amplifier,12" Screen Magnifier fo Cell Phones Accessories Accessories

Gfbyq 3D Phone Screen Sacramento Mall Enlarger Magnifier 12

Gfbyq 3D Phone Screen Enlarger Amplifier,12" Screen Magnifier fo


Gfbyq 3D Phone Screen Enlarger Amplifier,12" Screen Magnifier fo

Product description


1. Filter harmful light sources
2. Anti-radiation and anti-fatigue
3. Prevent myopia and relieve cervical spine
4. Increase the sight distance
5. Compatible with 99% of suitable screen devices on the market
6. The perfect HD screen companion
7. Watching companion, eye protection artifact
8. Fine carving, perfect display, simple operation and convenient use

Material: ABS + HD optical lens
Color: black, white
Screen size: 12 inches
Magnification: 3-4 times
Scope of application: suitable for all smart phones

Package including:
1 * Screen Magnifier

Avoid Using in Strong Light:You'd better don't use the item in strong sunshine or strong light.
It will display better in normal light conditions or dark environment .
Do not use hard wipe scratch the lens.

Gfbyq 3D Phone Screen Enlarger Amplifier,12" Screen Magnifier fo

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