HTTMT-,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Black,Gloss,lasting,$348,Long,Fairing,/premillennialist514279.html,Injection,,US-S0608-GBK- HTTMT-,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Black,Gloss,lasting,$348,Long,Fairing,/premillennialist514279.html,Injection,,US-S0608-GBK- $348 HTTMT- US-S0608-GBK- Long lasting Gloss Black Injection Fairing Automotive Motorcycle Powersports HTTMT- US-S0608-GBK- Now free shipping Long lasting Injection Fairing Black Gloss HTTMT- US-S0608-GBK- Now free shipping Long lasting Injection Fairing Black Gloss $348 HTTMT- US-S0608-GBK- Long lasting Gloss Black Injection Fairing Automotive Motorcycle Powersports

HTTMT- US-S0608-GBK- Now free shipping Long lasting Injection Fairing Black New Free Shipping Gloss

HTTMT- US-S0608-GBK- Long lasting Gloss Black Injection Fairing


HTTMT- US-S0608-GBK- Long lasting Gloss Black Injection Fairing

Product description

Quality paint job: Long-lasting and durable finish
Up to 3 layers of clear coat
Colors and design are as in listing picture.

Strong, durable, and flexible ABS: Material meets or exceeds OEM material
Each piece machine-made by injection technology based off OEM standards
Holes and tabs are part of the mold and align to factory settings (not drilled or glued-on)

Manufactured Process: Guaranteed BEST fitment in the industry
Fairing pieces created through ABS INJECTION MOLDED Technology
Each piece individually wet sanded until smooth
Coat of primer added to each new ABS piece
Paint applied through double paint process Compatible With best quality
Paint dried in high heat oven to bond primer
Minimum of 2 layers of clear coat (gloss) applied, extra layer added if needed
Powered through UV machine in between each clear coat Compatible With hardening
Checked by Quality Control Department Compatible With PERFECT accuracy

Fitment:SUZUKI GSXR 600/750 2008-2010

HTTMT- US-S0608-GBK- Long lasting Gloss Black Injection Fairing

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