Metal Button Switch 20Pcs Regular store 22mm Automatic Ring Reset Flat Head wi 22mm,,/premillennialist691779.html,Head,Switch,20Pcs,Reset,Metal,Flat,Automatic,Button,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,Ring,wi,$61 $61 Metal Button Switch,20Pcs 22mm Automatic Reset Flat Ring Head wi Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical 22mm,,/premillennialist691779.html,Head,Switch,20Pcs,Reset,Metal,Flat,Automatic,Button,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,Ring,wi,$61 Metal Button Switch 20Pcs Regular store 22mm Automatic Ring Reset Flat Head wi $61 Metal Button Switch,20Pcs 22mm Automatic Reset Flat Ring Head wi Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical

Metal Large discharge sale Button Switch 20Pcs Regular store 22mm Automatic Ring Reset Flat Head wi

Metal Button Switch,20Pcs 22mm Automatic Reset Flat Ring Head wi


Metal Button Switch,20Pcs 22mm Automatic Reset Flat Ring Head wi

Product description


Condition: 100% Brand New

Model: BEM-22-22D

Indicator Light Voltage: 220AC

Operation Type: Automatic Reset

Opening Installation Size: 22mm

Head Shape: Flat

Metal Button Switch,20Pcs 22mm Automatic Reset Flat Ring Head wi

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