$48 Toggle Switches Switch Toggle Spdt Brkt Vert, (Pack of 10) (7101 Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical avon-bonus.ru,(7101,(Pack,Toggle,$48,10),Toggle,Brkt,Spdt,Switches,/pyeloplasty691597.html,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,Switch,Vert,,of $48 Toggle Switches Switch Toggle Spdt Brkt Vert, (Pack of 10) (7101 Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical Toggle Switches Switch Spdt Brkt 7101 10 Tulsa Mall Pack of Vert Toggle Switches Switch Spdt Brkt 7101 10 Tulsa Mall Pack of Vert avon-bonus.ru,(7101,(Pack,Toggle,$48,10),Toggle,Brkt,Spdt,Switches,/pyeloplasty691597.html,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,Switch,Vert,,of

Toggle Switches Max 79% OFF Switch Spdt Brkt 7101 10 Tulsa Mall Pack of Vert

Toggle Switches Switch Toggle Spdt Brkt Vert, (Pack of 10) (7101


Toggle Switches Switch Toggle Spdt Brkt Vert, (Pack of 10) (7101

Product description


  • Manufacturer: C\u0026K Switches
  • Product Category: Toggle Switches
  • RoHS: Y
  • Illuminated: Non-Illuminated
  • Contact Form: SPDT
  • Switch Function: ON - NONE - ON
  • Mounting Style: Through Hole
  • Termination Style: Solder Pin
  • Current Rating: 5 A
  • Voltage Rating AC: 20 VAC
  • Voltage Rating DC: 20 VDC
  • Power Rating: 400 mVA
  • Bushing Size: 0.35 in
  • Actuator: Bat
  • Terminal Seal: Sealed
  • Contact Plating: Gold
  • Housing Material: Stainless Steel
  • Mounting Angle: Vertical
  • Operating Temperature Range: - 30 C to + 85 C
  • Series: 7000
  • Type: Miniature Toggle Switches
  • Brand: C\u0026K
  • Flammability Rating: UL 94 V-0
  • Insulation Resistance: 10 GOhms
  • Life: 100000 Cycles
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: + 85 C
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: - 30 C
  • Product Type: Toggle Switches
  • Factory Pack Quantity: 1
  • Subcategory: Switches

Toggle Switches Switch Toggle Spdt Brkt Vert, (Pack of 10) (7101


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