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ECRABONE Docking Station Type C Hub 8 PD 1 100W in Chargin New sales with Popular shop is the lowest price challenge

ECRABONE Docking Station, Type C Hub 8 in 1 with 100W PD Chargin


ECRABONE Docking Station, Type C Hub 8 in 1 with 100W PD Chargin

Product description

Do you want to solve these problems at once:
➡Laptop screen / mobile screen is too small;
➡Need to extend the contents of your laptop to a projector, but you don't have a converter;
➡The touchpad of a laptop computer is inconvenient to use, want to connect a wireless mouse;
➡Need to read the information in the USB flash drive;

With an ECRABONE USB C to HDMI adapter, all the above problems are solved for you.

4K HDMI Video Output: Easily to cast phone / laptop screen to TV/ projector/ monitor, watching movies like NETFLIX and play games like Switch.
USB 3.0 Port: Easily access to files and photos from devices like U disk, hard drive disk, phones.
USB C Quick Charging Port: Compact design with USB C 3.1 port, when connect to devices like macbook/ chromebook which has usb c port, be easily able to charge them in parallel.
Aluminum Material: will not emit too much heat when be connected to work for several hrs.

Package Included:
1 x 3-in-1 USB-C to HDMI Adapter
1 x User Manual

1.The video/audio output ONLY works for device with Type-c port 3.1 version,check your device before purchase.
2. There may be slight heat during use. Don't worry, this is normal.

ECRABONE Docking Station, Type C Hub 8 in 1 with 100W PD Chargin


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