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IREANJ Globe 6'' Chicago Super-cheap Mall Floating Glo Levitation Magnetic Rotating

IREANJ Globe 6'' Floating Globe Magnetic Levitation Rotating Glo


IREANJ Globe 6'' Floating Globe Magnetic Levitation Rotating Glo

Product description

If you are not satisfied meet in any regards, please have no hesitation to contact us ,We will try our best to resove it.

Product Name: Magnetic Levitation Globe

Globe Size: 6 inches

Globe Color: Gold

Printing Technology: High Definition Printing

Suspension Height: 1.5-2 cm

Wire Length: 1.5 meters

Power Supply Voltage: 110-240V universal

Installation Steps:

Please place the levitation device on a absolutely horizontal surface

Hold the globe with two hands and place it at 10cm above the center of the base, vertical down, move down at the same time, and pay attention to keep the globe horizontally

When the globe drops to about 2cm above the center of the base, if you feel the strong magnetic field to push the globe up or the globe is shifted in a direction, please move it in the opposite direction by hand horizontally

Until you feel that it is no longer offset, the globe has found the center point at this moment, This position is the levitation place which is 12mm-15mm over the base

Warm Tips:

Don't unplug the power adapter without remove the globe first, or the globe will pound the base

Due to manual measurement, please allow 1-3 cm error and make sure you don't mind before ordering

Please understand that the color may have a color difference as a different position of the picture

Package Included:

1 x world map Globe



1*User Manual

IREANJ Globe 6'' Floating Globe Magnetic Levitation Rotating Glo


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